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@party site announced!

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Oct. 6th, 2009 | 01:27 am
posted by: melopoeia in demoscene

So we have to update the website, but @party will be taking place at Friendly Crossways, http://www.friendlycrossways.com/, which is 45 minutes out of Boston.

Dates are June 18-20, 2010.

Our next order of business will be to get the registration infrastructure and other new info on the website and look for sponsors.

We'll be doing some promotional program items at Arisia, at local science fiction convention, in January 2010.

The party invite should be released sometime between November 1, 2009, and January 1, 2010.


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from: vossanova
date: Oct. 7th, 2009 01:07 am (UTC)


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