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San Francisco - Demosceners - Thiiiis Friiiidaaaay

Demosceners: Google I/O is Wednesday and Thursday this week. I'm going to SF, and so are a variety of other people you might know. We're going to meet Friday and have a beer/notbeer together. I'm thinking Zeitgeist. Do you think you could go? Ping me. andr00 ["at" symbol] gmail (I'm on gtalk also, same name).


(p.s. Seattle/Portland/PNW demo people - you should also ping me, just in general.)

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So it turns out iq of rgba is now living in san fransisco. I asked him if I could mention it in this community, perhaps there are some sceners in that area. He probably could use some new friends :)

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So where's the north american scene going to be once blockparty is over it's five-year run? Anyone know of any parties out there that we can start to attend? I hear there's one in Montreal.